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Perflex is a collective focussing on pesonalisation in wearables through single piece production and material research.

Brigitte Kock, Bart Pruijmboom and Niek van Sleeuwen are research driven designers exploring the boundaries of generative design. Current products are mostly mass produced by large companies providing a one size fits most solution for their costumers. Utilizing the possibilities of 3D printing and generative design to create unique products every time, Perflex challanges this view.

Smart and innovative sollutions to design and personalisation allow us to create unique products in single unit production runs without any extra costs. This changes one size fits most to unique size fits you.
Our unique generative design algorithms change every design to fit the unique body shape of every individual customer.

Parallel to the algorithm development, we do a lot of material research. We have created unique patterns to print the biggest overhang without support material, allowing us to print full shoes without waste material and the need for postprocessing. Next to this we have developped a printable material that can be used as normal textile.

Perflex tries to find innovative solutions to pressing problems in the fashion and wearable industry through material research and rethinking production processes.

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Exhibited at:

Graduation show

University of Technology Eindhoven

June 9, 2017

Mind the Step

Dutch Design Week

October 21-29, 2017


Bright Day

November 18-19, 2017

Fashion pavilion

Material Xperience

March 13-15, 2018

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